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  1. Today
  2. What?
  3. lmao
  4. Yesterday
  5. oh boy
  6. Last week
  7. What is FGunz?
  8. Everyone moved to FGunz, lets be honest no one gives a shit about this server/DG. It died along with poor management. This is what happens when problems accumulate over the years and higher up admins "cough" nick "cough" don't give a shit.
  9. Earlier
  10. Don't Ask.
  11. gunz is old fam, this is whats left of it; ruins.
  12. oh no
  13. 500+ people are playing now
  14. Hey guys i used to play Dark gunz over the past couple years but i was on and off as i kept quitting. i recently thought about it and would like to start up again but what happened to the servers? I had to re-create my account in which it said my old username wasn't registered when i know it was. * Also What happened to the community... as last time i remember the server was VERY active?. If there is still hope oh me playing this server again then someone let me know or recommend me another gunz sever as this was my childhood game and i would like to start up again THANKYOU <3
  15. Steben prays on Catfish grils
  16. Dam Nick, thats going to be quite a task restoring the items unless you saved DGs database and you are able to intergrate it.
  17. Hi guys im xxhosamxx Can anyone here Atzacharna how to get my emil is Rank 11 on Dark Gunz HOW can me get this Maybe Thank xxhosamxx
  18. Euhm yeah and which if you don't have proof of which items you had?
  19. hello, are you new to server? welcome
  20. did i win?
  21. Ohno not this again!
  22. noob
  23. Hiredddd
  24. Damnnn danielllšŸ˜
  25. waddup me and my almost gf
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