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  1. I will work on a script so you can restore your items during the ALPHA or Official Release
  2. We have updated the shop / model / item to match DG items, this will make it easy to restore donator items on account. - Inventory wiped (sorry)
  3. Scoreboard fixed
  4. Fixed sound (Custom MP3)
  5. Report bug you see here: Known bugs : - Always in FirstPerson (fixed)
  6. Today, I am pleased to release the ALPHA AGGunZ Client. It include a lots of features sort of: Anti-LEAD Damage Counter Sniper Crosshair VIP System Anti-Aliasing Duel Tournament (1v1) Clan War (1v1) Capture The Flag Counter Strike Vampire Paintball Infected And much mores ! Room options: [NC] no clothes [NG] no guns [NS] no melee [NI] no items [IA] infinite ammo [R] instant reload [V] Vanilla Mode [NM] no massive [ND] no cash items [PH] permanent bullet holes [PAINT] Paint Ball 50% of the code are from others gunz server source released of RZ so credit to them: fgunz, ugg, jorklenis, androide28, jurl3n, adz228, lib You can download the client here: http://arctic.games/index.php?/topic/9-download-arcticgaming-files/#comment-33 You can register here: http://gunz.arctic.games/
  7. ArcticGamingGunZ : https://mega.nz/#!W9cEBTLY!dZuqQci9zOxz7aE924pu-YqsU3_Fr1hWpDgZ__bTGdc
  8. We have released the beta of ArcticMurloc. Register here: http://www.arcticmurloc.com/