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  1. hello, are you new to server? welcome
  2. u were supposed to start a story with my setting n00b
  3. 2 main characters : John and Joe Place : Insane asylum Time : Medieval times, around 1200s Something in common between these characters : They're the same person
  4. http://gunz.arctic.games/
  5. ayyyyyy i know what u mean (i'm the one to the left)
  6. if someone calls me a faggot, i suck their dick. that will teach them not to mess with me!
  7. So many plebs not autohiding the taskbar. enjoy ur ugly desktop
  8. Rollin Rollin rollin
  9. "Scars to your beautiful audio" im not sure i wanna listen to that, just got new headphones...
  10. wait we get our stuff back?
  11. dat raysis
  12. happy newspaper wish u the best horoscopes
  13. This isnt fucking instagram
  14. Id dick ave too if she fucked me next day Just like bill cosby did to me Bippity bop pop a popsicle
  15. best song in new album