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  1. Will that script work with old donations that weren't in the old database records (Donations that do not display on the New DG ACP)?
  2. The hp loss on respawn is due to lag, the spawn itself isnt.
  3. More Bugs: -Using [NM] tag in quest causes hits to completely not register basically allowing to ghost through slashes and all melee attacks. There's no pushback or sign of blocking. If you're decent enough you can stand in a corner and live forever. Tag should be disabled in quest Feature Missing: -No Torn Pages in Bounty Shop. Means you can't do most of the quests due to drop restrictions. Also means I cant test em.
  4. -Paint tag doesn't work.
  5. Yet another one: -Combination of [NC] [NG] [NS] leads to a full room DC.
  6. Another small bug: -Sword displays 0/0.
  7. More bugs since I can't edit the post: -Paint Mode and Paint Mode Team names are reversed, The Paint mode is the TDM one currently while the Team one is the DM one. -Paint Mode (Team) displays the TDM Extreme scoreboard which doesn't actually keep count. -Gungame mode is broken, stays on raptor 50 and also is it supposed to force a change of armor? -Vampire mode only heals from sword slashes/dagger stabs (3hp/1ap per slash; a bit too small imho.) Possible reasoning is that the percentage of life stolen is too low and its counting per bullet causing it to round down to 0. However since rifles dont work either its not based on a percentage therefore something else is wrong with it. -Classic mode options missing. Not sure what its supposed to do anyway. -Long ass feet during male dance? Not Exactly Bugs(?): -Ijji plunger sound effects are replaced with normal gun sounds (BRING BACK THE GLORY OF THE PLUNGER)
  8. Missing Important Features: -Rotation Removal [A lot of people use rotation for rs or LD making this an important feature as they cant play properly with meds without it.] Bugs: -In Duel mode, after a round end everyone in the room spawns on the map before the next round starts. In hall it will spawn you where you died, we tested on island in order to try to force a fall death during the respawn but it respawns twice on the beach there. During the respawn stage you are invincible, but fall deaths might still be able to occur if the map allows for it.